Just Ask Programme

Just Ask is a unique Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) programme. It works specifically with people with a learning disability, difficulty or autistic people, and their families and carers.

Just Ask offers participants the opportunity to discuss topics which are often described as ‘sensitive’ in a safe environment. All programmes are delivered at a participant appropriate level and programme content is flexible.

Our extensive knowledge and experience has shown that a holistic approach is vital in the development of self-esteem, confidence, resilience and independence.

We believe RSE programmes should be part of life regardless of ability. The focus of this programme is to develop understanding around self/identity, boundaries, personal space, permission, consent and the choices around these topics. It also provides sessions to help parents and carers with these difficult issues, raises awareness and builds confidence when dealing with them.

Group work and 1:1 programmes run over four to six weeks with sessions lasting about an hour. Parent programmes can be delivered on a one off information basis or over four to six weeks allowing for more in-depth work if needed. All programmes can be flexible and negotiable.

Just Ask can also provide a specific programme for teachers and classroom assistants to ensure consistency.

Get in touch

For more information about Just Ask contact:

Northern and Western Trusts
Deborah McGinn
Tel: 07592725948
Email: deborah.mcginn@informingchoicesni.org

Belfast, South Eastern and Southern Trusts
Robyn Steele
Tel: 07835081840
Email: robyn.steele@informingchoicesni.org

We have a number of leaflets about our Just Ask programme which can be downloaded below:

Just Ask –A Relationships and Sexuality Education Programme

Just Ask – Parent and Carer Programme

Just Ask – Schools Programme