Abortion Care – Northern Ireland

Abortion care is available locally in Northern Ireland.

The stage of pregnancy, and your home postcode, will decide where you attend. All Health and Social Care (HSC) Trusts provide medical and surgical abortion care up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Surgical care up to 20 weeks of pregnancy is provided through a regional service. Work is currently ongoing to extend this service to 24 weeks.

Medical abortion is available for pregnancies up to 24 weeks, and over 24 weeks in limited circumstances.

Please note that HSC Trusts cannot post abortion medication to you. Accessing medical treatment requires at least one clinic visit in Northern Ireland, and a second clinic appointment is required after 10 weeks.

Accessing Abortion – Northern Ireland

Anyone wishing to access abortion care in Northern Ireland should contact the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS). You can complete an online consultation form, or call 03457 30 40 30.

Once you have submitted your booking request you will receive a call from your local HSC Trust provider. This is usually within 5 working days, however often it will be sooner. Some Trusts will use a “Withheld” number to contact you. If you cannot be reached they will call on several occasions. If you’ve not heard within 5 working days, please call the BPAS booking centre on 03457 30 40 30.

ICNI are also aware of numerous people who have contacted Stanton Healthcare. Please note that this organisation does not refer into abortion services. BPAS are the only referral point into this service.

Further information regarding abortion care in Northern Ireland, as well as accessing contraception, can be found on the NI Direct website.

Accessing Abortion – Great Britain

Where abortion services are not yet available in Northern Ireland, you can access free abortion care in Great Britain. You will not have to pay for travel and accommodation. To access this service, complete an online consultation form, or contact BPAS on 03457 30 40 30.  

Pregnancy Counselling

Sometimes when faced with an unplanned or crisis pregnancy it is difficult to discuss it with family and friends. This can leave you feeling vulnerable and isolated at a time when you need support. We provide non-directive pregnancy choices counselling support and information on all your options. We also provide post pregnancy counselling following an abortion. To make an appointment with one of our counsellors please call 028 9031 6100.

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